Vol 11, No 2

December 2011

Table of Contents

Economy, trade, services

Does EU membership affect the social and labour inclusion of foreign prisoners in Spain? An analysis of self-perceptions and attitudes towards learning Abstract PDF
Isabel Novo-Corti, Maria Ramil, Maria Barreiro-Gen 7-15
Sustainable development in Bucovina region – analysis of touristic potential in Suceava basin Abstract PDF
Constantin Cocerhan, Carmen Năstase 16-24
Online education - an important issue for the labor market Abstract PDF
Diana-Mihaela Pociovălişteanu, Liana Badea 25-31
The Prestige disaster and the proposal for a European fund for the compensation of oil pollution damage: A missed opportunity for the European Union? Abstract PDF
Javier Prado-Domínguez, Diego Varela 32-39
Qualitative observation applied in promotional strategy design Abstract PDF
Adriana Manolică, Claudia Bobâlcă, Oana Ciobanu 40-45
Is there a stable relationship between real interest rates and housing prices? Evidence from several Euro area countries Abstract PDF
José Manuel Sánchez Santos, José Pablo Abeal Vázquez 46-55
Characteristics of the illegal drug markets in European Union Abstract PDF
Irina Caunic, Gabriela Prelipcean 56-62
Strategies for achieving competitive advantage Abstract PDF
Jusuf Zekiri, Alexandru Nedelea 63-73
Tea production, consumption and exports in global and Bangladeshi perspective Abstract PDF
Tasnuba Nasir, Mohammad Shamsuddoha 74-80
Combining companies – a solution for overcoming the economic crisis effects Abstract PDF
Nicoleta Cristina Matei 81-85
The evolution of the customs union Abstract PDF
Marius Boiţă, Dorina Ardelean, Cristian Haiduc 86-90
The role of commercial banks from Romania in the attraction of structural funds Abstract PDF
Corina Berica 91-98
Measuring economic globalization – facts and figures Abstract PDF
Marius C. Apostoaie 99-109
Phare crossborder grants and changes in the crossborder economy study case – Romanian-Ukrainian border Abstract PDF
Marcela Slusarciuc 110-118
The income inequality in the Eastern European countries: A comparative study for the period 1990-2010 Abstract PDF
Cristina Gabriela Susanu 119-127
How can we anticipate crises? Abstract PDF
Elena Bianca Vieru 128-134

Management and business administration

Sustainable development policies impact on foreign direct investment Abstract PDF
Costică Mihai 136-142
Human resources management maturity model. Toward a new model Abstract PDF
Carmen Chaşovschi 143-148
Employability management: Is higher education in crisis? Abstract PDF
Nikhil Chandra Shil, Alok Kumar Pramanik 149-165
Some features of postwar business cycles Abstract PDF
Mihaela Ifrim 166-172
The role of emotional intelligence in transformational leadership and real estate market in post-communist markets Abstract PDF
Sorin Anagnoste, Costin Damaşaru 173-179

Accounting and finance

Differential financial reporting for micro-entities: Advantages and limits Abstract PDF
Ramona Neag 181-187
Assessing the impact of XBRL in raportations issued by credit institutions Abstract PDF
Mariana Vlad, Ioana Colbu, Alexandra Narcisa Cioban 188-193
Quality through education in auditing Abstract PDF
Ionela-Corina Chersan, Maria Berheci (Grosu) 194-200
The assets of the company – a theoretical and practical aproach relating particularly to intellectual capital Abstract PDF
Irina Mihai, Alexandra-Daniela Socea, Marius Ciubotariu 201-207
The treasury operating mechanism in Romania Abstract PDF
Nicoleta Ionescu (Eftene), Gabriela Mihai (Andreescu) 208-213
Implications of fiscal consolidation in EU on the background of promoting sustainable economic growth Abstract PDF
Elena Toma, Marius Frunză 214-224
Convergence process - precondition for ensuring financial and monetary stability in Euro area Abstract PDF
Anca Elena Nucu 225-232
Ockham’s razor in the analysis of intangible capital? Abstract PDF
Cristina Ionela Fădur, Daniela Ciotină 233-238
The role of mutual funds in U.S. economy Abstract PDF
Delia-Elena Diaconaşu 239-244
Analysis of the economical-financial business of the contributors – support of the tax evasion fight Abstract PDF
George Dorin Dedu 245-250

Statistics, economic informatics and mathematics

Statistical waves of the budgetary financing of education and sciene in Ukraine Abstract PDF
Olesia Totska 252-257
Edges detection methods based on filtering followed by application of differential operators for fingerprint Abstract PDF
Cătălin Lupu 258-264

Law and Public administration

Models of the implementation in Romanian civil service at the local level Abstract PDF
Dorina Ţicu 266-273
The legal European customs regime Abstract PDF
Dumitrita Florea (Ionescu), Parascheva Nisioi 274-280
Law from August 14, 1938 between tradition and innovation, necessity and opportunity Abstract PDF
Marilena-Oana Nedelea 281-287
Autonomy and decentralization - current priorities in the local public administration management Abstract PDF
Petronela Zaharia 288-292
Legal system of public limited liability companies Abstract PDF
Eugenia Gabriela Leuciuc 293-302

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