Vol 10, No 3

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Economy, trade, services

The strategic effects of the recession Abstract PDF
Gheorghe Vaduva 9-16
Making the decision on buying second-hand car market using data mining techniques Abstract PDF
Cristina Oprea 17-26
Aspects regarding the evolution of the tourist activity at a regional level in Romania, Poland and Slovakia Abstract PDF
Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc, Adrian Liviu Scutariu 27-35
Drinking water, a problem of sustainable development of the city we live in. Case study Abstract PDF
Romeo Ionescu 36-44
The disinflation process in Romania within the context of the European integration Abstract PDF
Monica Damian 45-54
The impact of business localization on the international trade Abstract PDF
Liviu-George Maha, Ion Ignat, Sorin-Ştefan Maha 55-62
Cultural-creative industries (CCI) - economic and social performances Abstract PDF
Gheorghe Zaman, Valentina Vasile 63-77
The environmental dimension of common agricultural policy Abstract PDF
Cristian Teodor 78-82
The migration of health care skills in the context of the enlargement of the economic European area - the case of the Romanian doctors Abstract PDF
Despina Vasilcu 83-91
Econometric analysis of the flow of tourists in accommodation structures in Romania Abstract PDF
Marian Zaharia, Rodica Manuela Gogonea, Cristina Oprea 92-100
Integrated quality management of tourist destinations in protected areas, the case of Piatra Craiului national park Abstract PDF
Adina Nicoleta Candrea, Gabriel Bratucu 101-109
Impact of economic crisis on the tourism industry in Romania. An economic analysis of overnights stays Abstract PDF
Alina Balan, Mihaela Birsan 110-116
Theoretical consideration for securities issued by joint stock company Abstract PDF
Laurentiu Novac-Diaconu, Adrian Lupascu 117-127

Management and business administration

Employee motivation in the company. Study case Abstract PDF
Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc, Andrei-Alexandru Morosan 129-136
Methods of measuring the performance of internal audit Abstract PDF
Cristina Bota-Avram, Ioan Popa, Cristina Stefanescu 137-146
Methods for economic and financial analysis of intangible assets Abstract PDF
Gabriel Nastase 147-156
The importance of innovation in international business Abstract PDF
Valeriu Potecea, Georgiana Cebuc 157-161
The implications of cultural dimensions on business practices and managerial behaviour within the organisations of bihor country Abstract PDF
Maria-Madela Abrudan, Mirabela Constanţa Matei, Adriana Şchiopoiu Burlea, Doina Danaiata, Mirela Sirbu, Doina Rosca 162-179
The evolution of the globalization and its impact on the investment process Abstract PDF
Mariana Lupan 180-188
Ethical issues in international business Abstract PDF
Andreea-Daniela Gangone 189-199
FDI flows in the ERA interdependencies Abstract PDF
Angela-Nicoleta Cozorici, Simona Buta 200-209
Economics of long tail, a challenge for branding Abstract PDF
Andreia Gabriela Andrei, Andrei Dumea 210-216
Knowledge dynamics and the concept of - 'BA' Abstract PDF
Ruxandra Bejinaru 217-223
The group and the team in military organization Abstract PDF
Sofronia Petrică Puiu 224-230
The roles played by the team members in the human resources performing management Abstract PDF
Paul Ivan 231-240

Accounting and finance

Reflections on the nature of accounting Abstract PDF
Elena Hlaciuc, Rusalim Petris 242-259
The implication of the accounting profession in the accounting regulation for 'micro-entities' in the actual economic context: debates and opinions Abstract PDF
Ramona Neag, Irina Doina Pascan, Ema Masca, Beatrice Anemari Stefan 260-267
The reconciliation between net income and equity of the parent company and corresponding values in consolidated financial statements Abstract PDF
Stefano Azzali, Luca Fornaciari 268-282
Financial management when interests on debt are not fully deductable. The Italian case study Abstract PDF
Alberto Lanzavecchia, Lucia Poleti, Beatrice Ronchini, Giulio Tagliavini 283-300
Analysis on the impact of non-compliance with accounting principles by companies, in terms of external financial audit 'filters' Abstract PDF
Ovidiu-Constantin Bunget, Alin-Constantin Dumitrescu 301-308
A prediction model for the romanian firms in the current financial crisis Abstract PDF
Dan Lupu, Andra Nichitean 309-315
Accounting knowledge in forestry's decision support systems. Literature review. Abstract PDF
Daniela Postolache (Males) 316-325
Accounting information in the context of globalization Abstract PDF
Alexandra-Daniela Socea 326-333
The study about using financial and economical analysis Abstract PDF
Cristina Antonela Sofronia 334-339
Considerations regarding the contents and applicability of fiscal mechanisms influencing the economy in the modern society Abstract PDF
Marius Frunza 340-349
The global financial crisis impact over the reformation of the financial surveillance architecture in EU: prospects and implications Abstract PDF
Elena Ciobanu (Sireteanu) 350-355

Statistics, economic informatics and mathematics

Macroeconomic developments based on the main components' method Abstract PDF
Mariana Balan, Valentina Vasile 357-367
Car access using multimodal biometrics Abstract PDF
Catalin Lupu 368-377

Law and Public administration

Competition and contract Abstract PDF
Luca Di Nella 379-389
Doctrinary opinions regarding the autonomy of communities in the local public administration management Abstract PDF
Petronela Zaharia, Irina Bilouseac 390-395
The stamp duty regulations in different European countries Abstract PDF
Bogdan-Dumitru Dimbu 396-402
Some aspects of the constitutionality of laws control Abstract PDF
Luminita Dragne 403-407
The distinction of the administrative contract from other types of contracts Abstract PDF
Liana-Teodora Pascariu 408-413
The EU charter of fundamental rights according to the Treaty of Lisbon Abstract PDF
Răzvan Viorescu, Iulius-Cezar Dumitrescu 414-420
Combating economic and financial criminality at the European level Abstract PDF
Ana Pirlac 421-427
A study on the role of local budget process in the social-cultural development of the Nort-Eastern region Abstract PDF
Cristinel Ichim 428-438

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