The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 11, No 2

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Implications of fiscal consolidation in EU on the background of promoting sustainable economic growth

Elena Toma, Marius Frunză


The process of fiscal consolidation, initiated at EU level, since the last decade are a necessity now, the situation is significantly deteriorating for most of the Member States, as a result there is the occurrence and manifestation of economic and financial crisis. Recovery and promote growth, the goal outlined in the new European strategy, is including among the influences or is affected by its implementation, as we show in our analysis. The implications of fiscal consolidation process related to a number of costs and limited, on the one hand, due to the current crisis, and on the other hand, the need rallying Member States wishes strategy pursued by the "Europe 2020". Against this background, our paper aims to highlight possible solutions to the remaining public authorities in implementation of fiscal consolidation. Also, a study compared the economic situation, the level and trend of budget deficit and public debt, in Member States of the European Union in 2007-2010, allowed us to identify and group the Member States according to the constraints on they are subject in the recovering of the situation of public finances.

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