The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 11, No 2

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The treasury operating mechanism in Romania

Nicoleta Ionescu (Eftene), Gabriela Mihai (Andreescu)


The establishment of the state treasury in our country has become an objective necessity, resulting from the application program of the reform and the restructure of the economy, while the public finances were asked to amplify their role and functions regarding the management and a more efficient use of the public sector of the financial resources . If in the years after 1990, for a more adequate mobilization of the resources for the public sector, especially taxes, a more appropriate legal and organizational framework has been created, similar measures were also necessary in the management and use of these resources under a more operational and efficient control of the state. The state treasury was necessary for complying with new commands and demands of the finance and tax reform, levers and resources on creating specific financial and budgetary market economy with which the state may favorably influence the country’s social and economic development. In the modern economy, respecting the principles of the organizational unity, the autonomy and security operations by separating the duties and responsibilities of authorizing officers and accountants, in the process of diversification of the role and powers of the Treasury, the State has entrusted it with specific tasks and actions of its intervention in economy.

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