The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 11, No 2

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Human resources management maturity model. Toward a new model

Carmen Chaşovschi


The paper provides an outline of a innovative concept – Human Resources Management Maturity Model (HRM MM), an empiric description of the model and its utility. HRM MM was developed by the author as a tool meant to solve a problem identified in a longitudinal research developed between 2004-2011 in the companies from SE area of Romania (Chasovschi, 2004). This research has showed that Human Resource Management in most companies is facing important weaknesses, in methodology and in instruments applied at all level of HRM functions. The results were both surprising and predictable: the companies are more concerned about doing fast profit, instead of developing the human assets of the companies. HRM MM was designed as a managerial tool that can be used for self-assessment by the companies and helps identifying concrete steps that can lead to a higher performance of employees. The “Map of Maturity” is the main part of the “Maturity Model” and it shows by way of a polar diagram, the desired status of HRM System. Thereby, for the HR professionals within companies, is much easier to estimate the steps to be made in order to recuperate some delays and to implement some good practices. Romania should overtake not only the theories of HRM, but also the good practices, and to step forward to the implementation into practice of the recommendations made by HRM specialists from Romania and abroad.

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