The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 11, No 2

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The evolution of the customs union

Marius Boiţă, Dorina Ardelean, Cristian Haiduc


Today, the custom is confronted with an environment in a very fast change: in full evolution models of production and consumption, enhanced international commercial exchanges, global threats as terrorism, organized crime, clime change and new dangers, such as commerce with dangerous products. In this context, the customs authorities from the E.U. play an essential role: their mission is to assure, at any given time, the equilibrium between the protection of the society and the facilitation of commerce through controlling the chain of supply, both at the external at the external border, and within the E.U. The customs services have information’s concerning the important merchandise circulation in or exported in the E.U. and it applies sophisticated methods and systems for the control of all types of merchandises. In order to allow the custom to continue fulfilling its role in this exigent environment, it was launched an ambitious reform.

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