The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 11, No 2

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Online education - an important issue for the labor market

Diana-Mihaela Pociovălişteanu, Liana Badea


Crises come and a crisis go and during any period of insecurity there is invariably an outcry for “change”, change to the law, the rules, the system, our behaviour etc. It is then, during the crisis when people start asking questions about the causes, the effects and the remedies for the crisis. They usually blame others for what happens to them and start observing what it is obvious – the factors that change the world. Nowadays, population face a number of significant new trends in the global environment. These shifts are affecting not only the shape and mode of operation but also the purpose of higher education systems. Some of these trends represent sources of opportunities; others constitute potential threats. Among the most critical dimensions of change are the growing role of knowledge, the information and communication revolution, the emergence of a worldwide labour market, and global socio-political changes. Increasing the level of education is became a priority for individuals and society. Starting from such aspects, this paper aims to emphasize the fact that a high level of education obtained in the classical way or online, increases the chance of adapting to labour market demands and it contributes to increasing the quality of life.

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