The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Vol 8 (2008)

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The tourism in view of regional development in the north-east region of Romania

Adrian Liviu Scutariu, Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc


In the European Union, medium length territorial units called regions have been delimited, as a way of absorbing efficiently the funds from the European Union for regional development and also for interpreting and examining the regional statistics. The present paper contains aspects referring to the situation of the tourism in the North-Eastern region, comparing it to that of the other regions. It can be noticed that, following a negative evolution of the indicators after 1990, the tourism has lately made some progress, tendency which can be found not only in the north-east, but also in other regions of the country . This tendency will be maintained for the coming years, especially for reasons, such as: an increase in the quality of the services, rehabilitation of the infrastructure the use of the structural funds and the great number of tourists from the European Un ion. The north-east region is one of the lowest developed areas of Romania. The tourism can lead to a durable regional development in the north -east region of Romania and to an increase in the development level of this region, taking into account that the European Union policy has in view the elimination of the disparities among regions.

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